BioNex Nanodrop II

BioNex Nanodrop II

About the BioNex Nanodrop II

Using the same Nanodrop series fluidics module as the Nanodrop I and ExtY, the BioNex Nanodrop™ II is a complete solution for low volume, high-precision pipetting. The system can be configured with one or two plate positions to enable applications such as assay miniaturization, method development, PCR reaction setup, and protein crystallography. When a single plate nest is used, 4 individual tips can access any well of a standard SBS plate, enabling complex method development and design. The Nanodrop™ II aspirates and dispenses a broad range of liquids including DMSO and features the Nanobuilder© software system that enables a wide range of applications and data manipulation. Innovadyne’s patented technology isolates the solenoid dispense actuators from the sample path. This assures long life and easy, low-cost maintenance.

Features of the BioNex Nanodrop II

  • Non-contact and contact dispense
  • Exceptional dynamic range (nanoliter to milliliter)
  • Aspirate and dispense with individual channel articulation
  • Sample transfer and bulk reagent addition on the same platform
  • Simple fluid path with no moving parts
  • FEP, SS, sapphire wetted parts compatible with commonly used solvents
  • 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plate formats
  • Deep-well and crystal plates supported
  • Modular, raised, removable plate nests enable flexible configuration
  • Easy to program, easy to automate
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance


Protein Crystallography

  • Coarse and fine screen creation
  • Mother liquor transfer
  • Protein additions
  • Hanging and sitting drop


  • Sample transfer
  • Reagent addition

Assay Development – Miniaturization

Cell-based Assays

  • Cell plating
  • Cell dosing

Bead-based Assays

  • SPA bead assays
  • YOx bead assays
  • Polystyrene bead assays


  • Template transfers
  • Cocktail addition
  • Sequencing

MALDI Plate Spotting

  • Oligo QC
  • Proteins

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