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Denovix – Spectrophotometer, Fluorometer & reagents


DeNovix DS-11 Series

Wide Dynamic range within multiple models

No matter what your need in quantification is, DeNovix offers a model that will meet your requirements. With its best-in-class dynamic range and detection limits, you can simply select the system best fit for your application and start saving time on your analysis.

Integrated UV-Vis and Fluorescence modes

Using the DeNovix Spectrophotometers, it is possible to quantify nucleic acids and proteins in sample volumes as small as 0.5-1.0 μl without making dilutions. The results are obtained on the screen directly including the concentration, the full spectrum and purity ratios. By using the SmartPath technology, the system is calibrated for life eliminating time lost for maintenance. To avoid broken sample columns during measurements, the Bridge Testing technology is integrated in all systems.

Improved detection limits and the cuvette functionality

To further increase the possibilities in the DeNovix systems, there is a cuvette option available. Either use a full quartz cuvette or a disposable cuvette to perform measurements of up to 10 mm pathlength (190-840 nm). Several applications are available for cuvette operation such as proteins, colorimetric assays, OD 600 and nucleic acid applications. Even custom standard curves are a possibility. To enable kinetic studies, the systems are equipped with a cuvette block heater (37-45°C)

The DeNovix Fluorescent Product line

DS-11 and DS-11+

No need for fluorescence measurements? The DeNovix DS-11 and DS-11+ take spectrometry to a whole new level of easy-to-use. Just pipette the sample and measure and obtain the highest level of reproducibility and performance. The system is completely stand-alone in its operation, no need for any computer to connect and best of all, no need for preventive maintenance.

DS-11 FX and DS-11 FX+

The DS-11FX and DS-11FX+ give you all the benefits of the DeNovix DS-11 system with the addition of fluorescence measurements. The performance of this system is sublime when combined with the reagent kits designed by DeNovix especially for this purpose. With these reagents, the range of concentration measurements is extremely wide and accurate.

Besides the available systems with a complete assay capacity (DS-11 FX+, DS-11 FX), there are multiple additional systems enabling any user the four-channel flexibility of the Fluorescent systems.

The QFX fluoromter

The QFX fluorometer is an ultra-sensitive system performing all your fluorescent assays. There are multiple assays pre-installed on the system, enabling the user to perform measurements with most of the commercially available kits.

DS-C spectrophotometer

The DS-C spectrophotometer is a Cuvette-only system for all your UV-Vis assay needs (190-840 nm). Full network capacity and pre-installed applications enable fast and reliable quantification.

FX Fluorometer Module

Already own a DeNovix DS-11 system and wanting to expand your possibilities within the Fluorescent assays? The USB-connected FX module can be easily connected to all existing systems enabling the user to use the full four-channel flexibility as available in the DS-11 FX+, DS-11 FX and the QFX systems.

Specific and sensitive quantification using the Fluorometer

By using fluorescent techniques the lower limit of quantification of dsDNA and other biomolecules can be lowered with a factor 1000.To enable highly specific and sensitive detection of biomolecules within a sample (e.g. dsDNA in a sample containing also RNA), specialized assay chemistry is available. Besides the specific reagent kits, the fluorometric assays from other suppliers can be used on the system, such as Qubit Assays.

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