Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities

Sports as a binding factor

According to our view, sports effect people generally in a positive way, is youth-friendly, health-oriented, socially interactive, environmentally aware, culturally liberating and fun.

  • The biggest squash tournament in Europe is coming to the Netherlands in 2020! From April 29th till May 2nd Europe’s best players will compete against each other in the European Team Championships (ETC). As a proud sponsor of this tournament we are giving away free tickets! Click here for more information.
  • It is a fact that taking part in sport at a young age will improve the flexibility, core stability and strength of children, but also develops self-esteem. That is why we support the Rotterdam Squash Academy since the establishment of the academy in 2018. The focus of the Rotterdam Squash Academy lies on the training and support of national and international squash players in the age of 15 to 19.
  • For the third time in a row we are sponsoring a soccer tournament from one of our colleagues. The aim of this tournament was not only to have a lot of fun, but also to support a charity. This year they will try to raise as much money as possible for ‘Team Alpe-du-Fendert’. This team will climb the Alpe d’huzes in June to collect funds for the Dutch Cancer Society.
  • The Orbitrappers and the Orbistappers are all members of the research institute RIMLS-FNWI (Radboud University) and are all involved in cancer research. In June 2020 they will participate the Alpe d`Huzes sporting event. We support both teams with reaching their goal: 40 climbs on the Alpe d’huez to raise €40.000 for cancer research.

Environmental responsibility

At GC biotech we acknowledge the importance of sustainable development and the environmental responsibility we have to conserve our planet. One of our goals is to achieve a carbon neutral footprint for our company building.  To achieve this goal we have the following initiatives.

  • Since 2019 our entire roof is covered with Solar panels. The CO2 emission we saved per year is around 900 kg. This amount of saved CO2 emission is equivalent to planting 35 trees.
  • We illuminate our entire company building with LED lights, which consume 85% less electricity compared to halogen.
  • In 2020 the first charging station for electric cars has been installed. We expect the first electric car in March 2020.


Rethinking laboratory waste

Laboratory automation ensures the decrease of human errors and a higher throughput. The downside of this higher throughput is the increased amount of plastic consumables used in the laboratory. Our partners Grenova and Denovix have found a solution to reduce the biohazard waste.

  • From September 1st, 2019 we are the official partner for Grenova products in Europe. The core value of Grenova is ‘Earth’.  They are passionate and enthusiastic about their work to reduce environmental pollution. Click here to read how Grenova reduce waste and costs through innovation. As a result from this partnership we started rethinking our own waste management in the office too, thus implementing a more responsible waste separation system.
  • In 2019 Denovix launched the CellDrop. This Automated Cell Counter counts cells without the use of plastic slides. Click here for more information.

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