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A Breakthrough in FFPE Analysis: Next-Gen DNA/RNA Extraction for NGS

Abstract: FFPE tissue samples with a low abundance of nucleic acid continue to present a challenge for cancer genomics. Such samples frequently fail to produce sufficient DNA or RNA for downstream analyses, which can impact patient care or reduce the statistical power of a study. The automated Ionic Purification System uses Isotachophoresis to increase quantity and quality of nucleic acids extracted from FFPE and requires 75% less hands-on time than column- or bead-based methods. In this workshop, we will demonstrate the use of the Ionic® System to recover increased yields of high-quality DNA, RNA, or miRNA from FFPE tissue samples that prove challenging for conventional methods.

GC biotech will host this webinar presented by Purigen Biosystems about the brand new Ionic Purification System.
Do you want to boost your extracted DNA or RNA yields from complex matrices like FFPE tissue or cells?
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Are you interested in following Purigen’s webinar? Please fill out the form below and you will receive a confirmation email shortly. If not, please contact If you are not able to attend the webinar live, you can watch the recording that we will send out after the webinar.

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