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Facing COVID-19 with Qsep1-Lite

Date: 2020 – 11 – 19

The consequences of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak are unprecedented and felt around the world. Industries are being profoundly affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, BiOptic Inc. remains high productivity and keeps devoted to technological innovation. The outstanding R&D capabilities allow us to win several Technology Development Program (TDP) from the government and were favored by the committee of Taipei Biotech Awards – Innovation Award in July 2020.

BiOptic Inc. has not given up the importance of corporate social responsibility while facing COVID-19. Several educational activities were done through cooperation with colleges and universities, which aimed to cultivate talented students. On the other hand, BiOptic Inc. collaborates with official health organizations for developing key technologies in epidemic prevention with our products and R&D resources.

COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced multiple industries and the research fund was reduced, which slows down R&D projects. Therefore, to encourage scientists continue with their research, BiOptic Inc. decided to offer a special price on Qsep1-Lite from now to the end of 2020 (limited Qty. 20). Companies, Research Institutions, Academic Units, or Individuals are welcome to request a quote by filling a short inquiry form.

Qsep1-Lite provides you an All-in-One solution. No more complicated procedures for gel electrophoresis. You will be experiencing convenience, rapidity, and high accuracy data report with our automated CE (capillary electrophoresis) system. Qsep1-Lite can be applied to PCR product analysis, gDNA QC, Total RNA QC, plastid detection, large fragment sample analysis, CRISPR QC, Restriction enzyme analysis… etc.


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