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With the Ionic Purification System and Kits from Purigen Biosystems, you really have something new in your lab. It is not an optimized regular way of extracting nucleic acids, but a technique that has never been applied in this field before. Especially for extracting nucleic acids from complex matrices like cells or FFPE samples, Purigen can help you to boost your DNA and RNA yields. In relation to common ways of extracting nucleic acids, the system has many features:

  • No high-salt buffers
  • No system programming
  • No hands-on buffer exchanges, separation, transfers or mixing
  • No pumps or valves
  • No organic solvents
  • No binding to surfaces
Which lead to the following benefits:
  • No need to de-paraffinize your samples
  • Simplified FFPE workflow with less hands-on time
  • No damage to your DNA and RNA
  • Higher yield
  • Better results in downstream applications

Ionic Purification System

How does the system work?

To purify the genomic DNA and RNA from cells or FFPE, an electric current is applied to perform isotachophoresis (ITP). In just 60 minutes you turn your complex sample into pure nucleic acids by performing three straightforward steps:

Load buffers from
the reagent kit (8 mins)

Load a maximum of
8 samples and start run (50 mins)

Collect purified nucleic
acid (2 mins)

Isotachophoresis purification process

Ionic Purification Kits

Together with the System, Purigen Biosystems produces the Ionic Purification kits. For different sample types and goals there are different kits with protocols. These kits are required for processing samples in the Ionic Purification System. Each kit includes reagents for purifying 48 samples and 6 Ionic Fluidic Chips (single-use) to load your samples in.

Ionic Purification Kit

Ionic Fluidic Chip

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