Hive Automation Platform

Automating laboratory processes without any downtime, continuous processing and using all standard products you have in your laboratory now. The Hive automation platform is a fully customizable platform that matches your process, throughput and quality demands. With its footprint being similar to a laboratory bench, it doesn’t use up unnecessary and expensive lab space.

The Vertical Design

The unique vertical design enables the platform to use the spaces above and below the deck efficiently. Any Bionex product as well as third party devices can be integrated. The compact integration and efficient use make sure that there is no loss of performance of any of the systems. Most integrated system will face the front of the platform, which enables easy access during offline operations and maintenance. The customizable platform is not limited to any size and can be expanded in any direction to ensure all third party devices can be integrated.

Integrated Hive Robotic arm

The integrated robotic arm is the core of the platform. The Hive robotic arm is a 4-axis arm that utilizes the full workspace of the Hive platform. The Hive robotic arm can pick and place labware in both portrait and landscape configuration. The integrated imaging barcode reader with picture identification, reads all barcodes on the labware to ensure correct handling in process.

Storage access

Loading and unloading consumables during operation? With the Hive vertical design and the BeeSmart Karts simultaneous access storage or rotating storage, it is possible. Loading and unloading consumables during the run decreases down time and user interactions to prepare the deck in between runs.

While the platform is processing one side of the storage capacity, the other side is accessible for the user to load and unload all consumables needed to perform the next batch or a completely different process.

Both the BeeSmart Karts and the rotating storage device are fully customizable for any combination off reagents, plates and other labware.

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