BeeSure Level Sensing System 96 and 96/384

The BeeSure Level Sensing System enables you to gather all the information needed to have your sample handling automation doing what you require it to do. The BeeSure Level Sensing System measures changes in a sample level within a single tube or well. The quality control tool checks if a solution has been added or a sample has been taken. The content of the well can be fluid or solid.

The Technology

While using a different technology for liquid level detection, the BeeSure Level Sensing System provides the same function as vision QC systems provide for high throughput processes and manufacturing processes. The BeeSUre Level Sensing System uses a Non-Contact technology to sense the surface. The operating time of the system is extremely fast, operating at only 30 seconds for a complete 96 well plate and less than 2 minutes for a 384 well plate with a standard sensitivity measurement (± 0.1 mm).

Benefits of the BeeSure Level Sensing System

The BeeSure is able to detect blocked tips and other causes of faulty dispensing and aspiration during the liquid handling operations in your process. Due to the integration options in an automated platform, the BeeSure ensures an in process control both before and after pipetting operations. The BeeSure Level Sening System is also capable of sensing liquid levels in reagent reservoirs, to ensure there is enough reagent available to complete the pipetting operation without errors.
With the BeeSure Level Sensing System integrated in your automated system, it is possible to continuously monitor your process as well as document the performance. By integrating the BeeSure, the waste of samples not being processed due to faulty pipetting or an unexpected system failure.
With its small footprint and only needing a single electrical output, the BeeSure will fit in any lab and in nearly all automated platforms. The software is easy and intuitive to use.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 96-well plates (std. or deep) and tube racks in 30 seconds. 384-well plates in 2 minutes at standard precision (±0.1 mm)
  • Topographic map for any surface within an ANSI/SBS footprint. Detect de-lidding errors, on or off or other depth anomalies, missing vials, reagent bottles
  • Easy integration and data output to LIMS
  • 3D bar graph for easy visualization of substance volume for known vessel. Estimated volume charted from standard curve
  • No consumables for operation REMP 2 mL 96-tube rack Greiner 384 deep well

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