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The amount of samples that need to be tested for COVID-19 is enormously increasing. There are multiple techniques used for testing and they all gather different kinds of information. For the detection of the virus in an early stage of the infection Real time PCR is used. Prior to this, the viral RNA needs to be isolated from the sample.

ELISA tests on the other hand detect if an immune reaction to the COVID-19 virus has already taken place. This epidemiological data is important to calculate group immunity.

With the Lynx systems from Dynamic Devices these workflows can all be automated. The use of an Automated Liquid Handler like the Lynx systems from Dynamic Devices can significantly improve throughput, reduce user error and ensure quality. An overview of how the Lynx can be deployed for COVID-19 related diagnostics below:


There are several different ELISA kits available on the market for COVID-19 anti-body testing. The configuration of the Lynx can be customized depending on the kit that is applied. In general, all common ELISA steps like sample distribution, reagent pipetting, incubation and plate washing can be done on the system. If  needed, a plate reader of choice can be integrated.

Depending on your sample volume and throughput needs, Dynamic Devices offers different solutions.

With five different deck sizes, six pipetting tools and  three gripper tools, the possibilities are endlessly. Together we can compose the most optimal configuration to fit your needs and wishes perfectly.

Click here for more information on ELISA testing on the Dynamic Devices

Viral Isolation

When it comes to DNA or RNA isolation, Dynamic Devices systems support a range of protocols, which can for example be based on magnetic bead, vacuum filtration or positive pressure.  Leading vendor chemistries and methods as well as your own proprietary can all be automated on the Lynx, thus flexibility is key

When a total package of automation and isolation kit is needed, a fully automated workflow with the Clean Viral kit from CleanNA can be offered to isolate Viral RNA from samples.

Real time PCR

Real time PCR is a widely used tool for gene expression analysis, mutation detection and pathogen screening and identification. This latest tool is of great importance nowadays. Real time PCR plays a role especially in the early stage of a  COVID-19 viral infection, in which the virus reproduces quickly, but immunological effects cannot be detected yet.

When using a liquid handling system for Real time PCR, reaction volumes can be reduced to save precious sample material and costly reagents/enzymes. If needed, an thermal cycler can be integrated to automate the entire process.

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