Absorbance and Fluorescence Quantification

Introduction The DeNovix® DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer enables precise absorbance and fluorescence quantification across a wide dynamic range. The dual mode spectrophotometer is equipped with SmartPath® Technology, which facilitates accurate and reproducible measurements for both cuvette and 1 μL absorbance modes. The proprietary optical core of the fluorescence component utilizes LED excitation sources and … Read more

Webinar DeNovix Assays

On July 23 2020 our second webinar will be held. During this webinar we will discuss the power of fluorescence for quantification of nucleic acid samples – expert tips & tricks Some of the topics we will cover: Absorption versus Fluorescence Options for increased throughput Tips and tricks Variation and compatibility between platforms More information … Read more

ISO 9001 certificate

Since 2012 GC biotech is ISO 9001 certified. This demonstrates our ability and desire to effectively and efficiently provide a quality management system, while continuously improving our products and services as well as our internal processes. Last week we had our recertification audit and we are proud to announce that we passed this audit without … Read more

NGS TruSeq Library Pooling

The Lynx 96VVP Technology in combination with FlexTrough allows the independent dispensing of samples allowing high speed NGS pooling.Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Today’s complex genomic research questions demand a depth of information beyond the capacity of traditional DNA sequencing technologies. Next-generation sequencing has filled that gap and become an everyday research tool to address these questions. … Read more

Grenova Partners with European Distributor

Grenova Inc., a USA based company, announced today an agreement with GC biotech BV for the distribution of their TipNovus product lines. Under this new agreement GC biotech BV becomes the exclusive distribution partner of Grenova Inc. tip washing devices in the EU market. “At Grenova, we see that high consumption of plastic consumables is … Read more