Plasticware Sustainability

Plasticware Sustainability

Every year over 1,5 million kg of plastic pipette tips are disposed after a single use, leading to significant environmental pollution and costs. Grenova made it their mission to help reduce laboratory biohazard wastes while they also help reduce costs on consumables.

The TipNovus is a bench top, high-througput, washing device that enables the labs to wash and sterilize contaminted pipette tips inlarge quantities for reuse. TipNovus offers labs a choice to reuse plastic pipette tips several times. TipNovus’ unique method of wash and sterilization is safe for both the lab and the environment. It is compatible with manual and automation tips.

The TipNovusMini is an automated pipette tip washer that includes all of the standard TipNovus cleaning and drying technology in a compact 1-rack system. It has a small footprint, and a considerable throughput. The TipNovusMini can be integrated with most automated liquid handling robots.

Our portfolio of products for Plasticware Sustainability includes:

Grenova TipNovus Tip Washer

Grenova TipNovus Mini Tip Washer

Grenova TipLumis

TipNovus Mini

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