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Bioline Nucleotides

There are only a few manufacturers of deoxynucleosite triphosphates (dNTPs) in the world. Bioline has been one of them since the company’s foundation in 1992. With a strong focus on high purity, they have been actively involved in the manufacturing and development of dNTPs. As a manufacturer, Bioline is ISO 13485 certified to assure maximum quality control of their manufacturing process. The state of the art production facility is built to the purpose of manufacturing dNTPs and further assure their position as one the key manufacturers of dNTPs in the world. Due to the quality control and manufacturing process, the ultra-high purity dNTPs possess ≥ 99% purity.

Key benefits of Bioline dNTPs:

  • High quality with ≥ 99% purity. Purity is determined by quantitative HPLC
  • Optimum performance. Maximum assay performance due to the guaranteed absence of PCR inhibitors
  • Wide range of formats. Indivudal or pre-mixed sets available
  • Enzyme free. No DNase, RNase nor Nickase.
  • Stable. The shelf-life is 24 months at -20 °C

Ultra-high quality dNTPs has become more and more important with the increase of quality demands on PCR reactions. The quality is not only determined by the specific batch of nucleotides, the batch-to-batch differences are minimal due to the production process and quality control.

Bioline Ultra-High quality dNTPs have been tested extensively in many highly sensitive applications and therefore are the perfect product for applications as PCR, qPCR, long-range PCR, low-copy assays and cDNA synthesis.

The Bioline nucleotides form the perfect basis for any PCR need within your workflow.


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