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CleanNA – NGS

The CleanNGS kit offers a highly efficient magnetic bead based clean-up system for the purification of both DNA and RNA for Next-Generation Sequencing and Sanger Sequencing workflows.

Left, right or double-sized size selection can be performed flexible due to the stable buffer system. The CleanNGS kit has been compared by several customers of various institutes and deliver similar or better results opposed to main competitors.

The standard production process of the CleanNGS kit is RNase free allowing the product to be used within delicate DNA and RNA applications without additional costs. The magnetic particles have been designed specifically to improve separation and migration towards and from the magnet, shortening processing times and improving separation results.

The CleanNGS kit is based upon our proprietary chemistry and binds DNA/RNA fragments, while removing additives such as salts, primers and primer-dimers. Sample clean up with CleanNGS result in highly purified samples eluted in water or a low-salt elution buffer.

CleanNGS can be used for most Down-stream applications such as:

  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • PCR
  • Genomic DNA clean up
  • RNA clean up
  • Fragment analysis
  • Microarrays
  • Restriction Enzyme clean up
  • Cloning

The CleanNGS kit is ideal for automation of sample clean-up for NGS applications. Automation of the CleanNGS protocol can be done on liquid handling platforms of most common brands. Programming the liquid handler can be done by GC biotech, eliminating difficulties during the transfer and ensuring a fully automated purification on your existing set-up.

The added value of AppWizz as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) decreases the entry level for daily use on a liquid handler. The AppWizz GUI makes using the liquid handler on a daily base very user-friendly while maintaining the necessary flexibility needed for variation in the daily operations.

Combining the CleanNA technology with the Dynamic Devices liquid handler and the AppWizz software, results in a dedicated versatile automated setting for high-throughput NGS sample purification.

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