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CleanNA – Sanger Sequencing


The CleanNA paramagnetic beads for Sanger Sequencing workflow is based upon to kits used in the sequencing preparation. The PCR cleanup beads purify the samples directly after PCR eliminating salts, primers, dNTPs and primer-dimers for efficient Big-Dye reactions while the CleanDTR beads perform a higly efficient Dye Terminator Removal clean up. The final sample will contain a lower salt concentration and no impurities allowing for efficient sequencing and very often result in a saving on BigDye costs within each and every reaction.


After the PCR step, before the BigDye reaction, the samples are purified using the CleanPCR paramagnetic bead technology. Salts and impurities such as primers and primer-dimers are removed for a more efficient Big-Dye reaction set-up. PCR fragments larger than 100 bp are selectively bound to the magnetic bead particles without the need of centrifugation or filtration techniques. Therefore the CleanPCR beads are ideally suitable for automated protocols on most current liquid handling technologies present in the field. GC biotech can deliver the services for programming on most common brands of liquid handling, with an added value on ease-of-use and low level entry on daily use without compromising the needs in flexibility of the protocols


Salts introduced during the sample preparation result in a decreased efficiency during sequencing. Removing these salts when using CleanDTR magnetic beads, will increase the efficiency resulting very often in a significant increase in sequencing signal strength.

The increase in sequencing signal strengths allow for a lower input of BigDye during the setup and will therefor result in cost-savings of your sequencing reaction setup. Dilutions in Big-Dye of 1:4 up to 1:32 can be achieved depending on the type of sequencing reaction.

The Phred 20 read lengths obtained using the CleanDTR magnetic beads average over 800 bps.

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