About GC Biotech


About GC biotech

GC biotech strives to be of added value to every relation by forming partnerships. Together, we can simplify, accelerate and improve your workflow in research and diagnostics. GC biotech combines the representation of some of the most advanced US and EU suppliers with in-house scientific and technical know-how. Since November 2012 GC biotech is ISO 9001 certified, which reflects the company’s continued commitment to aim for the highest quality standards.

Over the years GC biotech has built a strong team with academic backgrounds in molecular biology and years of experience in Life Sciences.

Company profile


GC biotech is a competent and ambitious company which, through superior market knowledge and product innovation, is able to follow scientific trends in life sciences and translate these into high quality, customer focused solutions.


GC biotech strives to be a strategic partner in delivering relevant solutions for research, diagnostics and industry through applied scientific knowledge.

GC biotech

Product Acceptance Document

Our customer approach is application driven. A good illustration of this is the Project Acceptance Document (PAD), which describes the goal, requirements, targets and all hardware, software and chemistry components of the project. The purpose of the PAD is to create clarity and reach agreement up front to eliminate discussions during development or installation. This ensures an execution of the project up to your exact requirements.

An automated solution for novel high-throughput translation modular screening

An automated solution for multiple plant-breeding related applications

Our strengths

Customer Driven Solutions

We don’t sell products. We sell solutions that are based upon the needs and wishes of our customers. To us, every customer is unique and therefor none of our solutions are identical.


We are ISO 9001 certified since November 2012. This reflects our continued commitment to the highest quality standards. It demonstrates our ability and desire to effectively and efficiently provide a quality management system while continuously improving our products and services as well as our internal processes.

Scientific and Technical Knowledge

We understand the needs and wishes of our customers due to our scientific and technical knowledge. Over the years GC biotech has built a strong sales team with academic backgrounds in molecular biology. They are supported by an engineering team with years of experience in instrumentation and software.


We believe that every partnership is based on mutual trust and teamwork. For our partners we love to do that ‘extra step’ and they are willing to do the same.

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