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Seamless automation for genomics


GC biotech

Seamless automation for genomics


GC biotech

Seamless automation for genomics



We tested the cleanNGS beads for nucleic acid purification and size selection and we obtained similar results than with competitor A beads. The cleanNGS beads allowed efficient size selection to remove primers and reagents from PCRs. We have also used them to clean up RNA in the different steps of NGS library preparations and obtained similar results than with other products and without detectable RNA degradation. In addition, we applied the cleanNGS beads for double size selection to remove at the same time genomic DNA and primers from PCR reactions, and we obtained excellent results.

Alejandro Pineiro
NKI (Dutch cancer Institute)

GC biotech has been a supplier for many years now for the PCR/qPCR products of Bioline, the purification kits of CleanNA, etc. We are very satisfied with the price and quality and the innovative product portfolio of GC biotech. The Sales Specialists and Support department are both fast and professional. To expand our collaboration ILVO recently decided to make use of the freezer program.

Steve Baeyen

Lab Manager Genomics
ILVO (Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek)

The BNX1536 is a robust small footprint device, easy to use and very fast dispensing. Dispensing cells using BNX air pressure pump (while stirring) instead of peristaltic pump, was critical for our experiment setup and showed a very constant cell disruption over the whole 384-well plates.
Controlling the dispensing air pressure enable the using of different solution at different viscosities, including cell suspension, PFA or methanol.
The four reservoir bottles enable working with several different solutions at the same time i.e. PFA (fixation) and DAPI solution (nuclei staining). It also reduces the cell suspension contamination to minimum.
I would suggest adding magnetic stirrer to all four bottles positions, and offer bigger reservoir bottles.

GC biotech is a well know company with a wide range of solutions for liquid handling and has a fast and complete response time!

Wissam Mansour

Anima Biotech

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