Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express

GC biotech

Seamless automation for genomics

GC biotech

Seamless automation for genomics

GC biotech

Seamless automation for genomics


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Low volume automated pipetting

With its 8 or 16 independent channels, the Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express are systems for a complete high throughput application at a low volume range. The systems are equipped with fixed-tips heads in various configurations (1×8 or 2×4 for the Nanodrop II and 1×16 or 2×8 for the Nanodrop Express). Both systems have two SBS format plate positions and reagent through options. The systems have an (active) wash station to clean the fixed-tips inside and outside as well as the tubing.

The system is capable of performing multiple applications, such as DNA normalization, serial dilutions, protein crystallography, NGS sample preparation and PCR setup on miniature volume levels and has proven to be very successful in Single Cell Sequencing (SCS) applications.

The Nanodrop technology is able to aspirate and dispense volumes of nearly all types of liquids including DMSO and PCR mixes without any contamination. The design excludes all valves from the active liquid –path decreasing the risk of contamination even more.

The patented technology isolates the valves from the liquid path. This valve free technology assures a long life, even when working with difficult suspensions (proteins, cells and YOx beads).

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