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Midori Green Dyes

A safer alternative to detect DNA fragments as well as RNA in agarose gels to the traditional Ethidium Bromide are the Midori Green dyes. They are used to detect DNA as well as RNA fragments in agarose gels. According to the Ames test the Midori Green dyes cause significantly lower mutation rates than Ethidium Bromide. Midori Green dyes are non-carcinogenic.

Midori Green Direct will be mixed directly with the samples, whereas Midori Green Advance can be used for post staining as well as for in gel staining.

Midori Green Advance

Midori Green Advance is optimized for a for a brighter signal when excited by UV-light, blue or blue/green LED light, while maintaining the advantages, such as being non-carcinogenic and having an excellent noise-to-signal ratio. Many safety assays, like the acute oral toxicity test and the bone marrow micronucleus test, prove the safety of Midori Green Advance.

Even for small fragments this dye shows a very high sensitivity. The dilution factor of the dye can be as high as 1:25000, and 4-6 µl are enough for the staining of 100 ml agarose gels. This results in up to 25 liters of stained agarose gels.

Midori Green Direct

Midori Green Direct dye represent a safe class of nucleic acid stains for visualization of single-stranded DNA, double-stranded DNA and RNA in agarose gels. Midori Green Direct is added directly to your samples, in contrast to most other non-Ethidium Bromide based dyes.

It includes a 10x sample loading dye, but also a loading dye free version is available. For both versions, the DNA sample and Midori Green Direct will be mixed in a 10:1 ratio.

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