BNX 1536 liquid handling system

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Seamless automation for genomics

GC biotech

Seamless automation for genomics

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Seamless automation for genomics


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The BNX 1536 liquid handling system

The BNX 1536 liquid handling system delivers a fast and reliable option for dispensing reagents and microplate washing in one single system. The system is able to dispense up to four different reagents through four completely isolated liquid paths. This eliminates the need for washing and cleaning when changing reagents. With its integrated vacuum and air-pressure pump, there is no need for an external pump. Therefor the system can operate completely stand-alone.

The Dispense and aspirate heads

The four individual dispense heads enable dispensing of up to four reagents into a single microplate. The dispense heads are easily exchanged to create a completely new setup. Three different types of dispense heads (96, 384, 1536) are available, enabling effective dispensing into nearly all types of microplates.
The aspirate head assures fast and effective liquid removal during plate washing for all types of microplates.

Intuitive Software

The drag-and-drop software delivered with the system provides a very flexible programming solution. Due to its intuitive design and operation, the user has perfect control over all parameters used in the applications. Whether the user dispenses only a few columns, or entire plates, the software enables all options.

When fine tuning the liquid factor, higher accuracies can be achieved in dispensing the reagents. Adapting the pressure can help dispensing on a more gentle way. This can be used for example when dispensing loosely adherent cells or weakly bound antibodies. To assure low residual volumes in the microplate during aspiration steps, the offset, speed and time during aspiration can be controlled.

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